houses sky custom web application case study

Unifying contact management with a CRM Tool


How can a stakeholder choose between Salesforce or 微软动态? Our team measured exactly what this government agency needed. Overall, our recommendation related to IT organization and business development. This agency needed business process consulting.


"Aciron was an incredible resource for a broad analysis conducted by our business line. 的 critical thought, organization, and synthesis they provided continues to inform strategic thought about the technical challenges we face." - Rental Systems and Technology Manager

After narrowing down the potential solutions, Aciron's consultants conducted an assessment. To clarify, it consisted of both Salesforce and 微软动态 features. Aciron used in-depth research and experience with both systems. Overall, we reviewed if the client's"Must-Have" requirements were addressed.

Further, we included each system's pros and cons. Our team compiled these findings and our solution in a presentable report. After, the client made an informed decision about which CRM to implement.


After conducting user interviews, gathering CRM requirements, and performing the vendor analysis, Aciron suggested that the client select 微软动态.

We made this recommendation, 然而, for the following reasons:

• 的 agency is already using Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies. So, Dynamics will integrate seamlessly with other systems. Plus, the agency already had several Dynamics licenses at their disposal.

•的 client already has internal IT resources to support Dynamics.

• Dynamics offers single sign-on capability for users. This was a critical requirement for the agency.


Currently, the agency is determining the best way to move forward. Further, it's unclear in what capacity Aciron's consultants will assist. Meanwhile, the agency has fully implemented Dynamics as the single platform. Overall, it helps capturing and managing contact information.

In conclusion, they hope to improve contact management. Similarly, the agency is eager to track all touch points. In addition, communications with external entities will be filed. Subsequently, they can analyze their business development and improve customer service.