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Created Online Training Portal for Public Medical Services

How Aciron does it

A Medical Reserve Corps that provided public medical services was responsible for recruiting, training, and organizing thousands of health volunteers.

As part of its training efforts, they provided extensive orientation and skill development sessions. However, the company has thousands of volunteers and only in-person training sessions. These medical professionals needed a custom software solution.

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In conclusion, Aciron developed a custom online orientation system. Therefore, enabling the client to create and deliver training courses to volunteers. In addition, the system can track volunteer training progress, deliver training assessments, produce reports, and deliver certificates for course completion.

The system allows volunteers to register for online courses. Basically, the UI is a user-friendly registration form on the client’s website. In addition, the system allows the volunteers to access the organization’s online orientation. Furthermore, the system provides automatic notifications of course registration.


The professional system provides volunteers access to the orientation courses anytime with internet. In other words, they eliminated in-person classroom training. Since implementing the system, the client has seen an increase in engagement. In conclusion, Aciron continues to work with the client to plan future phases of the project. We plan to further enhance and expand the system.

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