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Coding a Law Firm’s Employee Directory in SharePoint

The challenge

At the time, the process of finding the needed information, such as phone numbers, departments, locations, titles was time-consuming and frustrating. As a result, the firm contacted Aciron Consulting to develop a custom employee directory.

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In conclusion, Aciron developed a custom browser-based directory. Above all, it was tailored to the specific needs of the client. Thus, allowing the client’s employees to find their employee information. The custom .NET application accessed their existing SharePoint.

The user-friendly UI includes an intuitive display and navigation. As a result, users can search employees by name or other values. For example, extension and office location.


Additionally, the search results were displayed in an organized manner. Therefore, allowing users to quickly view and print information. For example, it listed an employee’s telephone number, office, title, department, desk location, secretary, and secretary extension.

The custom directory serves as a valuable source for the firm. In conclusion, the directory connects all across the global firm.

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